iskratel enterprise compact call server SI3000 e1687761976645

Compact Call Server | cCS

Connecting all business communications

through a multiservice (IP and analogue) platform for business and operational infocommunications. The SI3000 cCS is ideal for SMEs looking to transition to an IP network without having to change their analogue or ISDN equipment, reducing CAPEX and OPEX.

The platform connects all incoming and outgoing communication of a company, from office phones to pipeline dispatcher terminals on all standard technologies (IP, TDM, ISDN). The Compact Call Server ensures safe and painless migration to full IP, without having to swap out existing analogue or ISDN equipment.

  • Specialises in operational communications, information and notification systems and video surveillance.
  • Uses existing terminal equipment for premium services voicemail, recording, conferencing and HD voice and video.
  • Incorporates a Session Border Controller to ensure security for VoIP services.
  • Delivers unmatched support for legacy networks and interfaces.