Regulatory solutions that can be trusted.

Kontron provides verified and proven regulatory solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

Lawful Interception

Kontron delivers LI solutions that allow operators to meet all the regulatory requirements that are aimed to increase national security, public safety and time-critical responsiveness in emergencies.

Standards-compliant or tailored solutions integrate into fixed and mobile networks for voice and data communications.

  • End-to-end solutions that integrate with other systems.
  • Support for a variety of protocols and signalling.
  • On-going upgrades, extensions and adaption to new requirements.
  • Customer-specific add-ons or customisation.
  • Training, education, transfer of know-how.

Number Portability

Number Portability is a flexible solution that fits into fixed, mobile and convergent networks.
Along with provider and location portability, the solution also supports service portability.
Verified and proven by numerous regulatory bodies and extensively tested for interoperability, the solution is successfully in operation at many incumbent and alternative operators.

  • Fits into mobile or fixed networks, supports a variety of signalling protocols.
  • Fulfils all regulatory requirements.
  • Freedom to change operators without changing phone numbers.
  • Removes barriers to competition and ensures a dynamic, fully competitive market.