IT Maintenance and Services

IT systems must perform with speed and reliability to ensure the satisfaction of business users. This is accomplished through the meticulous design and implementation of a well-engineered system, coupled with the maintenance of the entire IT infrastructure, from the network to ERP systems.

IT maintenance services to effectively support your business

With over 30 years of active involvement in the maintenance and operation of information systems, Kontron Slovenia has gained extensive experience and valuable competencies in delivering high-quality maintenance services. We have extensive knowledge and possess expertise in deploying and maintaining complex systems such as whole IT infrastructures and ERP systems.

We have developed an IT system to support our processes, enabling us to be agile, responsive, and ensure transparent service delivery. Our Service Centre makes sure your call is received by friendly staff and forwarded immediately for implementation.

Our experienced teams of experts, specializing in various areas of IT infrastructure and business systems, are available round the clock to deliver the highest quality service and rapid troubleshooting to our valued customers. In case of significant failures, we have established internal second-level support delivered by consultants as well as predefined escalation paths to the technical support teams of our partners. This collaborative approach enables us to swiftly find solutions or workarounds and ensure the continuity of critical systems.

Why entrust your IT environment to the Kontron team?

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Comprehensive approach

We have comprehensive expertise and experience in managing and maintaining the entire spectrum of IT infrastructure and ERP systems, enabling us to effectively handle the maintenance of complete systems.

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Professional and certified team

Our team comprises over 100 certified IT professionals specializing in various parts of IT infrastructure, each with extensive experience. Additionally, we have a diverse pool of specialists dedicated to various business IT systems.

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Spare part stock

We maintain our own inventory of spare and replacement parts, ensuring that it is regularly replenished based on our contractual obligations.

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Wide network of partners

We have concluded partnership agreements with over 30 IT vendors, enabling mutual cooperation and assistance. This allows us to escalate severe incidents and directly access technical support from the manufacturers themselves.

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Business benefits

If you entrust IT system maintenance to an experienced partner, such as Kontron, you will extend your equipment and system lifecycle while relieving your operational staff, enabling them to focus on supporting your operations.

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Tradition and experience

We have extensive experience with supporting the most complex systems. Numerous projects carried out for the largest Slovenian companies and organizations from all industries prove our trustworthiness.

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Regional presence

As part of Kontron AG Group we have a presence in the entire region of Central, Eastern and South Europe, parts of Asia and USA to provide support outside our country.

Provision of IT maintenance services

Business benefits of contractual maintenance

A maintenance contract delivers numerous benefits to your business, including: 

  • Improved IT system reliability and availability
  • Improved system performance
  • Ability to focus on supporting your own operations
  • Improved utilization of equipment and business solutions
  • Extended equipment and system lifecycle
  • Predictable support costs
  • Improved risk management
  • Increased security
  • Division of responsibility for the operation of individual systems or IT services.

Hardware maintenance services

Kontron offers a range of hardware maintenance services:

  • Ensured availability and responsiveness of certified professionals
  • Availability of spare parts and replacement equipment
  • On-site diagnostic services and incident resolution
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Vendor escalation management
  • Technical improvements
  • Supply and deployment of security and functional updates of hardware firmware
  • Remote monitoring
  • Creation and maintenance of documentation for the supported system
  • Monthly and annual reports

Software and system maintenance services

Kontron offers a broad range of software and system maintenance services

  • Ensured availability and responsiveness of certified professionals
  • On-site diagnostic services and incident resolution
  • Technical support
  • Problem management
  • System administration and preventive audits
  • Management of the vendor escalation process for more severe incidents
  • Remote access and customer system monitoring
  • Software security and feature update delivery and deployment
  • Regular delivery of new software versions
  • Creation and maintenance of documentation for the supported system
  • Monthly and annual reports

Maintenance conditions

Contractual maintenance provides our customers with professional services delivered by support engineers who are available 24/7. Fast response times (1-4 hours) and guaranteed time-to-repair (for hardware) or deployment of replacement equipment ensure improved system reliability and performance.  By restoring systems after an incident and ensuring availability, we ensure improved utilization of equipment and business solutions.  We constantly work with our customers to coordinate, plan and manage all our activities.

Regardless of the IT infrastructure you select, we can deliver excellent 24/7 reliability and availability of business applications and services according to the highest criteria.

Slovenia's Kontron partner companies are the world's leading providers

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