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Smart Energy

In the face of rising global energy consumption, Kontron is committed to creating a more sustainable energy market and reducing its environmental footprint.

How is our Smart Energy shaping the future?

Meeting the challenges faced by transmission system operators (TSO) and distribution system operators (DSO) involves increasing operational complexity, and network planning requires perfect transparency, numerous real-time calculations, and ongoing analysis .To overcome the challenges of outage planning and increase reliability, European grids need to use their interconnectors efficiently and be aware of certain grid conditions such as capacity, generation surplus, consumption demand, flexibility, and so on.

By implementing the IEC Common Information Model (CIM), our SHAPE provides the foundation for smart grid participation. The common ontology enables seamless collaboration between internal IT /OT systems, but more importantly, it enables compliance with all rules.

Domain applications

We are aware that how one handles data and how one extracts information is more important than the quality of the data itself. To provide means to manage information models, support sustainable network operations and deliver business intelligence.

Therefore, we have developed several applications for:

  • grid network modelling and management,
  • supporting smart relay protection,
  • analytics and forecasting,
  • multivendor smart meter (IoT) integration,
  • microgrid management,
  • and possibility for seamless 3rd party application integration.

Why Kontron Smart Energy?


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power system observability

Data Integration Platform SHAPE

A future-proof ecosystem for developing next-generation applications using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

It is a platform for connecting a wide range of different data sources, allowing companies to include all data in a cloud-based system.

Data Integration Platform SHAPE

Improve your business by upgrading your existing telecommunications.