5G network MCX

Mission-critical communications

The main goal of the end-to-end 5G solution is to provide appropriate services and applications for enterprises to ensure cost-optimal operation with high quality of service. To meet this goal, Kontron offers a range of applications that can be used in parallel with private 5G networks.

Voice communications is crucial for 5G

High-quality, secure voice and communications services are critical. This is especially true for mission-critical environments such as transportation, energy, and public services.

The evolution is from dedicated, purpose-built networks to software-defined, intelligent, multi-purpose networks that enable service innovation and autonomous network operation.

We provide for you

Kontron delivers applications that can also be loaded in parallel with private 5G.

The main goal of the end-to-end 5G solution is to provide suitable services and applications for each enterprise to enable cost-optimal operation with high quality of service.

These applications enrich the communication between people, devices, and different systems.

You will gain

Our mission is to provide comprehensive and optimal private 5G solution that provides customizable and reliable services for business and mission critical environments.
The list of available applications is growing and currently consists of:

  • Kontron vIMS solution for voice communication in industry/mission-critical networks.
  • Mission Critical (MCx) solutions for voice and video group communication.
  • IoT solutions for controlling sensors, machines, and facilities.
  • Video surveillance platforms for monitoring and analysis of video information.

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