System integration

Drawing upon our expertise in information technology and telecommunications, the Kontron team handles integrated solutions and system integration across diverse environments.

System integration in IT environments and beyond

System integration services create mechanisms for interoperability between different systems to ensure a seamless data flow across different systems, applications, and parts of the client’s business processes. This ensures the organization’s operational efficiency and enables quality decision-making at the managerial level.

Our approach to system integration extends beyond technology, encompassing a comprehensive understanding of its impact on human resources, processes, and supplier relationships within the organization.

Benefits of system integration

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Improved efficiency

Effective system integration can improve the level of automation of IT and business processes, as well as critical infrastructure, which helps  increase efficiency and reduce human error.

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Streamlined system management

Through the integration of various systems, organizations can implement centralized management, simplifying the task of managing and controlling different systems.

Shared use of resources

Integration facilitates the sharing of infrastructure among different systems, resulting in more efficient resource utilization, optimized infrastructure, and cost reductions.

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Data use and sharing

Integration allows data to be shared between different systems, streamlining employee workflows, providing real-time access to information, and minimizing the need for data duplication.

System integration for critical infrastructure

Kontron is your reliable partner in the digital evolution of critical infrastructures across various industries.

We work with technology partners and construction companies to provide support and ensure the successful implementation of projects throughout the construction and operation stages. Our services include:

  • End-to-end integration of projects across different industries
  • Consulting, preliminary studies, project planning
  • Project planning, financial engineering
  • Project management, integration, construction
  • Operation, support, maintenance

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