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Financial Services Solutions

Discover SiBank, a comprehensive and highly flexible banking solution that supports universal bank operations. We successfully complement our in-house development efforts with solutions by our partners to deliver a broad range of banking solutions.

Banking information system

Are you looking for an integrated software solution and a reliable business partner who understands banking business processes and your needs? Do you need help deploying modern information technologies or are you looking for software that’s tailored to your operational processes? Are you wondering how to achieve compliance quickly?

As technology advances, IT systems keep changing and adapting to the increasingly demanding business processes. Kontron is keeping pace with new developments and regulatory requirements in the banking industry to accelerate the deployment of new IT solutions for our customers. This way, we support our customers as they develop their competitive advantage and introduce state-of-the-art, flexible, compliant and process-oriented applications that also enable them to develop new business opportunities rapidly.

Why customers choose Kontron banking information system?

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Our key strength lies in leveraging small foundational building blocks to construct a customized solution that precisely aligns with the client’s unique requirements.

In-house developement

The software solution is the result of our own development, which allows us to implement changes quickly and efficiently.

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Industry expertise

We keep pace with the evolution of the banking landscape through the way we operate, our organizational structure and IT solutions.



We align our actions with the business development needs of banks, ensuring compliance with banking regulatory requirements as we direct technological progress towards open information systems and interoperability.

What can you expect for our team during the financial solution implementation process?

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We work with you across all stages of developing applications that support banking operations: from specification design across planning and development to deployment and maintenance.

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Solution design

We drive reengineering or transformation of existing applications into a service-oriented architecture by integrating various applications and consolidating, cleansing and aggregating various types of data.

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We deliver customized or newly developed applications to support banking operations based on predesigned standard proprietary components.

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We ensure software support through 24/7 operational support and updates to meet regulatory and business requirements.

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We enable knowledge transfer to ensure software solutions are used effectively.

We Deliver What We Promise

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Matjaž Špilak, Head of ICT

Successful implementation of a sustainable development strategy requires an understanding of the needs of the place in which we operate.…

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Aleš Sedej, Head of department Business and IT Solutions Support

S podjetjem Kontron sodelujemo že od same ustanovitve banke. So naš strateški partner s celovito aplikativno podporo bančnemu poslovanju SiBank…

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Tomislav Bjelokapič

Director of Banking Solutions and Software Development

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Head of Professional Services

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