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IT Infrastructure Solutions

We build an efficient IT infrastructure with reliable, flexible, easily accessible and secure solutions that meet your company's strategic needs and give you a competitive edge.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Make your IT infrastructure efficient and flexible enough to respond to a variety of business requirements in the shortest time.

We have extensive experience and a broad range of certifications from major IT vendors so we can build an optimal and vendor-agnostic solution that’s fully tailored to your needs.

We will make sure that your IT infrastructure is built on innovative and customized IT solutions that improve your service levels and have a positive impact on business performance.

Why trust Kontron to develop your IT infrastructure?

We complete more than


projects a year

We employ over


certified IT professionals

We provide services based on more than


maintenance contracts

We have more than a


-year track record of responsibility, reliability, and professionalism

We have made our mark in over


companies and organizations


IT infrastrukturne resitve Tomaz Kuznik

Tomaž Kužnik

Director of IT Infrastructure Solutions Sales

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IT infrastrukturne resitve Nikolaj Zorn

Nikolaj Zorn

Director of IT Infrastructure Solutions Implementation

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IT upravljane storitve Grega Mestek

Grega Mestek

Managed Services Sales Director

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Frequently Asked Questions

We deploy our solutions in medium and large enterprises, as well as in rapidly growing small businesses. Our solutions are suitable for all industries – our clients range from energy companies, manufacturing businesses and banks to insurance carriers, retailers and public sector organisations.

IT infrastructure typically consists of hardware, software, networking, traffic and data security, as well as the services needed to deploy, maintain, operate and manage an organisation’s IT environment. So the key IT infrastructure components needed to run an organisation are: Data centre, network, control and management, information security and related services that integrate individual components into a reliable system tailored to a specific organisation.

The acronym SDDC stands for Software Defined Data Centre, a system that uses a virtualised environment to deliver a software-based approach to traditional data centre functions. The advantages of software-defined data centres are simplified and flexible resource management, vendor independence, automation and orchestration opportunities, and cost-efficiency.