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Transport digitalisation

Partnering up with Kontron offers you digitalisation of key infrastructure in transport and using data in a way that increases reliability, security, and customer satisfaction.

Driving digital transformation in the right way.

Our solution portfolio for Railways and Roads supports digitalisation of key infrastructure and data usage for more reliable decision making, improved security in transportation and increase of users’ satisfaction.
Together we can work towards minimizing the need for hardware upgrades, preventing downtimes, and empowering your team to act well ahead of time. Find out more about our Innovative approach to transport info-communications and get familiar with solutions for Train Detection Systems, Traffic and Speed Management, Incident management and response, Platform for Live information and Notification platform and related products.

Partnering up for better connected and informed transportation

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Own R&D and production

Our capability for research and development offers you to get a tailor-made solution fitted to your needs and requirements.

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Transport industry experts

Our experts with domain knowledge and field experience are dedicated to provide you with solution to increase your reliability, security and customer satisfaction.


Industry-grade platforms

In-house developed communication and data integration platforms, which meet all current industry requirements, guarantee you the best integration possibilities with new and existing systems.

Products for Digitalisation of Transport Industry

Products related to Digitalisation in Transport Industry are reliable, cost effective and easy to operate, maintain and troubleshoot.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Kontron’s solutions primarily support digitalization in the rail and highway sectors. These solutions are specifically designed to increase efficiency, safety and performance in these transportation sectors. However, they can also be adapted and tailored to efficiently support subway transportation systems such as subways or metro systems. By providing versatile solutions that can be adapted to the individual requirements of the different transportation sectors, Kontron plays an important role in driving digital transformation across the transportation industry.

Kontron Transport’s digitization solutions serve a wide range of customers in the transportation industry, including rail operators, transit authorities, public transportation, logistics and freight companies, airports and airlines, intelligent transportation system providers, and system integrators and technology partners. These customers benefit from Kontron’s solutions by increasing the efficiency, safety and performance of their operations.

FRMCS stands for Future Railway Mobile Communication System. It is a standardized communications system designed to replace the existing Global System for Mobile Communications-Railways (GSM-R) technology currently used for railroad communications. FRMCS is being developed to provide a more advanced and efficient communications infrastructure for rail operations that includes voice, data and multimedia services. It is designed to improve the safety, capacity, and interoperability of rail networks and enable seamless communication and data exchange between different rail systems and across borders.

GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communications-Railways) and FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Communication System) are both communication systems used in the railroad industry, but they differ in several important aspects:

  • GSM-R is based on 2G technology, which was developed specifically for railroad communications. FRMCS, on the other hand, is designed as a next-generation communications system and is based on 4G and 5G technology.
  • FRMCS is expected to offer greater flexibility and scalability compared to GSM-R.
  • GSM-R has limited data transmission capabilities due to its 2G technology, which limits the speed and volume of data that can be transmitted. FRMCS, which leverages 4G and 5G technologies, offers significantly higher data transfer speeds, enables faster and more efficient data exchange, and supports advanced applications.

Overall, FRMCS represents a significant advance over GSM-R, offering improved features, increased interoperability and future-proof technology.