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Business Solutions

We streamline, accelerate, optimize and digitalize your business processes as we ensure a seamless user experience, deliver relevant information in the right place, and facilitate effortless connectivity.

Business Solutions

We provide comprehensive solutions to support business processes in various industries and banks, while developing customized software that aligns with the requirements of our clients. We have partnered with the world’s leading software companies to support the management of complex business processes across a wide range of industries.

We have more than three decades of experience with developing solutions for the financial industry to support banks’ operations. We successfully combine our in-house development with many partner solutions, including specialized business support solutions.

Why you should trust Kontron with your business processes?

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We have left our mark on over 75 industries, banks, and companies in Slovenia and the Adriatic region.


Our Business Solutions team consists of 30+ certified consultants and programmers with business process management skills.

Stay current

Our long-standing partnerships with technology vendors allow us to transfer knowledge quickly and keep pace with trends.


Our team serves clients with 70+ maintenance contracts.

We Deliver What We Promise

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Aleš Sedej, Head of department Business and IT Solutions Support

S podjetjem Kontron sodelujemo že od same ustanovitve banke. So naš strateški partner s celovito aplikativno podporo bančnemu poslovanju SiBank…

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KOMPAS d.o.o.

Špela Kajtazovič, Executive Director of Finance, Accounting & IT

The Kontron team has demonstrated exceptional knowledge and skill in designing, implementing and adapting our SAP environment to the Kontron…

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SID – Slovenska izvozna in razvojna banka, d.d.

dr. Matejka Kavčič, Executive Director

We have worked with Kontron for a long time, particularly in the area of accounting software support (analytical general ledger).…

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LTH Castings d.o.o.

Peter Šifrer, CFO

The success and long tradition of LTH Castings d.o.o. depends to a large extent on our commitment to continuous development…

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Matjaž Špilak, Head of ICT

Successful implementation of a sustainable development strategy requires an understanding of the needs of the place in which we operate.…

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Tadej Glavič, CIO

As part of a multinational company, we needed to implement and carry out the consolidation of Intra lighting, d. o.…

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Rimac Technology

Viktor Radošević, IT Product Manager (Infor)

At Rimac Technology we challenge the conventional approach and push electrification technology to the edge of possibility. The company was…

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Slovenia's Kontron partner companies are the world's leading providers

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Kontakt Mojca Vrviščar

Mojca Vrviščar

Director Of Infor Sector

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SAP Gregor Kopcavar

Gregor Kopčavar

Director of the Sector for SAP development and implementation

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Tomislav Bjelokapič

Director of Banking Solutions and Software Development

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Frequently Asked Questions

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a software-based business information system for managing various aspects of an organization’s operations.

Companies can use ERP systems to centrally manage their critical business processes such as manufacturing, sales, procurement, finance, warehousing, logistics, human resources, and more. The system typically incorporates a unified data model for seamless exchange of information among various functions within the organization. It is important to note that ERP is a complex system that requires careful planning, implementation and user training. Therefore, when deploying a new ERP system, it is a good idea for organizations to select a partner with relevant competencies and extensive experience.

ERP systems are comprehensive and complex and provide support to various business processes. They are usually implemented in a modular way (e.g., separate for manufacturing, procurement, logistics, etc.). If a client decides to completely revamp their ERP system, a project blueprint is prepared, outlining the necessary implementation steps. Larger projects generally span a timeframe of 12 to 24 months.

Infor solutions are suitable for all companies looking to optimize their operations and resource management. We support the management of complex business processes in manufacturing, distribution and service companies and the automotive industry.

SAP solutions are relevant to all companies wanting to optimize their operations and resource management. We have clients in the service and financial industries.

SiBank is Kontron’s own comprehensive and highly flexible banking solution that supports universal bank operations. One of its main features is an advanced integration subsystem that connects existing banking solutions to various external systems and modules.

Our software solution for kindergartens covers specific operational requirements as well as centralized enrollment requirements, where applicable (for example, municipalities).