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Train Detection Systems

The main purpose of our project is to ensure and increase railway safety and reduce damage to infrastructure. Therefore, we strive to increase the safety level of railway traffic, both for the benefit of individuals and for smooth traffic.

Systems for detecting irregularities

Railway safety is of paramount importance. We must ensure that potential faults and anomalies in both the infrastructure and the rolling stock fleet are detected in good time.

With this solution, we forward data on detected irregularities to the control centre and the relevant services. This enables the operator to protect the national rail infrastructure more reliably, provide higher-quality transport services and, above all, ensure greater traffic safety.

Control system for rail vehicle safety and maintenance

Axle temperature, car weight, wheel alignment, protruding load and similar parameters are monitored. Track scales check whether wagons are overloaded. Wagon identification sensors ensure that wagons are tracked across the entire rail network.

To be able to react quickly and specifically to detected irregularities, various scenarios are provided for stopping the train immediately, issuing a warning or removing wagons from service.

The detection of irregularities on rail vehicles takes place at several points, where apartment wheels, hot axles and weight are measured and the person in charge is informed about the irregularities.