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Communication Suite

Kontron provides digital communications experience beyond technology and business models. For operators and industries. We support operators on the road to cloud, virtualization and 5G.

All flavours of communication technologies

Enable TELECOMMUNICATIONS OPERATORS to deliver end-to-end services that modernise networks and maximise profits in a smart and cost-effective way.

Deliver INDUSTRIES and ENTERPRISES with next-generation operational and business communications in the new IMS environment.

Why our Communication Suite?

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Own communication platforms (VIMS)

The new IMS architecture, which unites the worlds of fixed and mobile communications in a dedicated cloud environment, offers unlimited possibilities for connecting all stakeholders.

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Enormous integration possibilities

We combine the most modern communication technologies with the existing ones that are still present in the industrial environment.

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Reuse of existing equipment

We gradually upgrade the systems to the latest technologies so that we maintain your existing investments in the current end devices (phones, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions

In-house development of solutions and platforms also enables easier customization. Everything runs faster and more optimally.

As the latest wireless transmission technology, 5G not only enables higher transmission speeds and shorter access times, but also dramatically increases the security of wireless communications and also ensures quality of service within the network. The new network is modular and based on prioritising individual services so that each user can determine where and when to prioritise.

Far from it. Voice communication will be the basis of any agreement for a long time. Not all participants in the processes have collaboration and communication tools. Therefore, integrating communication with such tools, which enriches it even more, is extremely important.