Proizvodnja elektronike v Kontron Slovenija

Electronics Manufacturing Services

We offer perfect connections! ODM and EMS services and a huge product portfolio based on state-of-the-art technologies. Join us in the fast lane!.

EMS provider with the highest quality standards

Professional EMS with more than 75 years of experience in the development and integration of complex products and solutions. With the help of Siemens, a former strategic partner, we have become an EMS provider with the highest quality standards.

Kontron’s electronics manufacturing services have already provided millions of end users of telecommunications equipment, industrial electronics, measuring equipment, automation systems, automotive electronics, household appliances and entertainment electronics with fast delivery and an excellent price-quality ratio.

An experienced electronics services provider

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The core of our expertise is a large team of European engineers and production technicians.

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One-stop shop

We guarantee a reduced time from production to market and an extended product life-cycle management.

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Own development

We offer development of new product or electronics that complements your product, or a redesign of an existing product, in which we include deliverable components.

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A handful of EMS providers in Europe can develop and produce or equip complex products that have up to 22-layer printed circuit boards with up to 6,500 integrated components.

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Our efficiency is also reflected in our quick response to last-minute changes in plans.

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We leverage more than 75 years of experience as an EMS provider, including 20 years in a joint venture with the Siemens AG.

You may find our electronic components in the following products

housewife vacuuming parquet floor 53876 127258

Highly efficient EC blower motor drives

close up heat pump outside home

Compact, efficient, and energy saving fan motor drives

EMS premium kitchen appliance

Premium kitchen appliances

EMS highway portal

Highway and motorway portals

We Deliver What We Promise

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Jernej Polič

Executive Director of EMS

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Luka Strajnar

Luka Strajnar

Sales Director EMS

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Frequently Asked Questions

EMS stands for ‘Electronics Manufacturing Services’. Our work covers the development and production or fitting of products with up to 22-layer printed circuit boards and more than 6,500 built-in components. There are only a handful of providers in Europe that can provide such complex electronics production.

ODM stands for ‘Original Design Manufacturing’. An ODM company is responsible for designing and manufacturing a product to the specifications of other companies. At Kontron EMS, we have a strong development and redesign team, and combined with advanced electronics manufacturing services, we can provide a complete ODM service for you.

Clients of Kontron EMS are companies that need the development and/or production of the final product or electronics for installation in the final product, but do not have their own production capacity. In addition, our customers are also manufacturing companies that either do not have their own development or are currently unable to provide sufficient production capacity.

At Kontron EMS, we provide our electronics development and manufacturing services to companies in various industries, from telecommunications equipment, industrial electronics, measuring equipment, automation systems, automotive electronics, to household appliances, and consumer electronics.