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IT consulting

Our consultants provide advice on improving the performance of existing IT hardware and software solutions and services, information security and business applications and processes from a wide range of perspectives, independently of the leading global vendors. Our IT consultants prioritize your current and future needs above all else.

IT Consulting for effective business support

Our team of IT consultants assists organizations in devising and executing IT strategies, security strategies, and plans for business optimization. Service delivery typically involves identifying objectives, analyzing the current situation, recommending technology, security and business solutions, and developing plans for deploying the solutions within the business.

The goal of our consulting services is to share our expertise, experience, and advice with our clients, aiming to improve the use of IT technologies, build cyber resilience, and optimize business processes. Advice is tailored to address the specific needs and challenges of each client.

When do companies choose to hire consultancy services?

Complete IT environment upgrades

Consultancy services for a complete upgrade encompass planning, designing, and optimizing robust and scalable (scale-out) IT systems. This includes various aspects such as network infrastructure components, data centers, as well as management and security measures.

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Establishing and developing cyber security systems

Our information security consultancy services involve identifying security risks, developing or modifying security policies and procedures, and implementing technology solutions to protect IT environments.

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Ensuring business continuity

Our approach focuses on designing and implementing a business continuity system that follows the requirements of ISO 22301 and ensures that the organization can carry out its core business functions even during an emergency.

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Migrations to and from the cloud

The decision to move to or back from the cloud is by no means an easy one. Apart from the financial considerations, the technological aspect holds significant importance in such a decision. A comprehensive study is conducted to assess and evaluate the technological landscape, taking into account potential risks.

Types of IT consulting services

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IT Infrastructure Consulting

It includes IT environment audit, planning and architectural design, taking into account all the client’s needs while addressing unforeseen shifts in business operations, knowledge of trends, integration of the most appropriate vendor-agnostic solutions, and preparation of implementation documents.

Security Consulting

Preventive IT security consulting is a strategically vital service that organizations rely on to protect themselves against threats and vulnerabilities. It plays a crucial role in enhancing the reliability and availability of data and IT systems. At the same time, you can work with our experts to design a system  that not only guarantees a robust cybersecurity posture but also adheres to relevant regulations and industry standards.

Business Consulting

As part of our business consulting services, we analyze business processes, risks and business impact for our clients. For business applications, we conduct an analysis of the current situation and provide recommendations for optimizing or automating their business processes.

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