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Private 5G Networks

Our own 5G core (5GC) is at the heart of a 5G mobile network, providing users with a reliable, secure connection to the network and access to its services. It performs essential functions such as connectivity, management, authentication, and authorization.

5G Core

​Together with the new 5G radio (NR), the 5G Core is a fundamental element of 5G networks. The new 5G Core architecture improves the end-user experience, simplifies network operations, and enhances network capabilities.

We provide for you

It is based on cloud-native principles with state separation, microservices and containers. We enable a 5G Core Stand Alone platform (5GC SA) that is also designed for smaller layouts and focuses on high-speed data transmission. The solution includes the platform ETSI NFV, a 5G Communications Core with centralised management with E2E orchestration with full end-to-end monitoring and troubleshooting.

To fully leverage the capabilities of 5G, the network functions are delivered as microservices, where the business logic is delivered as small, modular, stateless services. The network functions of the 5G Core network can be moved to the edge of the network to meet low-latency requirements for communication with critical machines.

Working with field-proven partners for the 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) and 5G devices (routers, gateways, cameras, and sensors), we provide a compact and flexible 5G environment for simple and powerful network automation leading to the digitalization of industrial and enterprise processes.

You will gain

The 5GC SA is deployed on Kontron’s Intelligent Cloud Platform (Kubernetes), which offers many advantages. It is a flexible, programmable, and decentralised solution that provides the agility needed to reduce time-to-market and achieve the highest levels of automation, performance, and efficiency.

We have developed a production version of 5G Core (standalone) that is perfectly suited for industrial and enterprise environments with private network requirements. Automated installation on a single server, redundant or large-scale deployments provides the standardized 5G network with new features that ensure the successful operation of the 5G network.

In addition to technological excellence, we offer an optimal solution for a one-time investment or a “pay as you grow” business model.

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