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Management and Control

Effective control and management systems allow for the proactive management and control of IT infrastructure, applications, services, user clients, and access, ensuring the reliable operation of each building block while minimizing repetitive routine tasks and the possibility of human error.

Control and management

You can only mitigate operational risk with effective IT infrastructure management. Discover key solutions for proactive control and management of your entire IT infrastructure, applications, services and users and their clients and permissions to access individual IT resources.

Why set up control and management with Kontron?

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Deploy end-to-end management of your IT infrastructure

In addition to IT infrastructure management, we also help you manage all your resources, applications, services, as well as user clients and privileged access.

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Ensure effective planning for future needs

Insight into IT resource usage trends allows us to assess future capacity needs more easily and accurately.

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Secure important resources and data

Make sure that only trusted users are granted access permissions and that regular reviews are carried out to prevent unintentional or deliberate abuse of privileged resources.


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