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Application and service management

Application and service management solutions enable the management of mission- or process-critical services and related applications, along with their associated applications and the underlying IT infrastructure and resources.

Extending the capabilities of IT infrastructure management solutions

Application and service management solutions prioritise the management of selected services and associated underlying applications and systems. This provides us with a business-oriented view of the IT infrastructure, allowing us to measure the SLA for each service or application supported by the IT department. Furthermore, it grants us insight into the current health, history and individual performance.

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Comprehensive insight

In addition to current health, you gain insight into performance data, a historic view from service to application and from IT infrastructure to IT resource.

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Reduced downtime

The system automatically generates an alert in the event of service downtime or decreased performance and provides a quick, colour-coded, traffic light view of the health of the services being monitored.

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SLA metrics

SLA (Service Level Agreement) metrics are a process of measuring and monitoring the performance against service level targets regarding availability, response time, quality of service, etc., including the production of reports.

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Capacity management

The solution includes resource utilisation and application load monitoring to provide data for planning upgrades or optimisations that minimise the costs associated with unnecessary infrastructure.


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