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Transport Infrastructure projects

We are a provider of a complete solution/turnkey project, as a leading partner for all phases of project realisation of our system solutions.

Reducing the complexity of the infrastructure

At Kontron, we reduce infrastructure complexity by designing, implementing, supporting, and managing solutions for large-scale infrastructure projects in transportation, energy, and telecommunications.

Innovative Infrastructure Solutions: Leading the Way

With our knowledge, skills, and expertise, we are one of the top companies for the implementation of complex infrastructure projects in the fields of railroads, road transport, communications, and energy in the region.

We ensure this by introducing innovative and reliable building blocks and providing effective, price-optimised services in our solutions in collaboration with strategic technology partners and construction companies.

Integrated construction and operations management

In combination with technology partners and construction companies, it ensures the comprehensive implementation of the project in the construction and operation phases.

  • End-to-end project integration in various industries
  • Consulting, preliminary studies, project planning
  • Project planning, financial engineering
  • Project management, integration, construction
  • Operation, support, maintenance