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MPN Professional services

With our professional services, we ensure the smooth operation of your new 5G network, so be carefree and let us take care of your network.

From consulting to a full service-level agreement

Introducing our professional services: for the smooth operation of your new 5G network. With us, you can be carefree and trust that your network is in competent hands.

Leave the technical details to us, and we’ll take care of every aspect and ensure smooth operation. Our team is committed to optimizing the performance of your network so you can focus on realizing the full potential of the new network and its applications.

With our expertise and commitment, you can rest assured that your 5G network will operate seamlessly, empowering your business and enabling a new level of connectivity. Let us handle the complexity while you reap the benefits.

We provide for you

We offer wide variety of professional service to ensure that you get cost effective support in all necessary steps throughout the purchase cycle:

  • Product/solution management
  • Design, plan, build, deploy
  • Advanced integration
  • Migrations
  • Custom software development
  • Documentation and Onboarding

You will gain

Leverage our expertise to transform your processes into successful business. We provide end-to-end system integration services and our professional services to support you at every step.

  • Pre-sales consulting
  • Radio planning and deployment
  • Maintenance and support

Kontron’s global offering of comprehensive professional services provides customers with turnkey deployment and integration services to achieve rapid time-to-market and positive customer outcomes.

Comprehensive Open5GS support & services

Embark on a transformative 5G journey with Slovenia’s Kontron, your dedicated partner in Open5GS excellence. As fervent supporters and contributors to the Open5GS project, we take pride in not only leveraging its cutting-edge codebase but also in elevating its capabilities to new heights. With a proven track record with a successful history of Open5GS implementations, we bring a wealth of experience to your 5G journey that will keep you at the forefront of 5G technology with our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement.

Our 5G enterprise open-source services & support

We provide for you

  • Consulting and expertise
  • Custom design & implementation
  • Dedicated support
  • End-to-end integration
  • Development of new functionalities
  • Introduction of additional network functions
  • Intuitive 5G Core Element Manager
  • NF validation

You will gain

  • Expert advice for network planning and specter acquisition
  • 5G solution tailored to your unique needs
  • Seamless integration into your network architecture
  • Peace of mind with our responsive and dedicated support team
  • Smooth transition to 5G ranging from PoC to more advanced use cases
  • New functionalities in line with 3GPP standards and open-source community
  • Robust and adaptable 5G network architecture aligned with your evolving needs
  • Real-time configuration, provisioning, and visibility
  • Tailor-made training programs aligned with your operational requirements