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Developing software solutions, products, and services in-house is our key competitive advantage. We develop our own as well as customized solutions. We have a large team of developers, programmers and innovators. The Slovenian Kontron team brings together experience from around the globe.

Development service portfolio

Electronics development services

From idea through development and production to the final product, our tried and tested process includes product design, requirements definition, solution definition and the accompanying project management. Our team of project managers, development engineers, test equipment makers and product consultants is happy to help.

Our Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) have already been provided to millions of end-users of telecommunications equipment, industrial electronic, measurement equipment, automation systems, automotive electronics, household appliances and entertainment electronics with rapid service delivery and excellent value for money.

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Own product development

At Kontron, we are proud of more than 75 years of in-house product development, marketed under the single Iskratel brand.

The Iskratel product family includes Lumia broadband access products, Innbox customer-premises equipment, communication hubs , IMS virtual communication platforms , private cloud platforms, IoT platforms for industries, as well as dispatching terminals and modular power supply systems.

Own solution design

The solutions Kontron offers are built upon products that are the result of our research, development, and innovation by our world-class engineers. These solutions cater to a diverse array of customers across various industries, including telecom operators, manufacturing companies, the public sector, rail and road transport operators, energy companies, financial institutions, as well as cities and communities.

We pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions to meet our clients’ objectives within their planned budgets. We’re large enough to deliver big projects and small enough to care about the details. We deliver what we promise on time.

DevOps services

As part of our development services, we also embrace innovative approaches like DevOps, which involve seamless collaboration, communication and knowledge integration between software developers (Dev) and the operations team responsible for application management and maintenance in production (Ops). This collaborative approach, coupled with automation, enables rapid response to the constant changes in dynamic IT environments.

This approach plays a pivotal role in accelerating software development, delivery, and automation. By minimizing the risks associated with implementing numerous applications, it helps identify errors and incorporates built-in safety mechanisms to mitigate potential issues that may arise during the software development process.

DevOps services

CPE Customisation

The moment user equipment is switched on, it allows users to use and access it. Neither the user nor the operator is required to configure the equipment, resulting in significant cost reductions for the operator, fewer support center calls, and reduced field interventions.

CPE Customisation

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