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Broadband CPE

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Iskratel Innbox Family of Customer-Premises Equipment

Iskratel Innbox family of CPE takes user experience to the next level. It includes home gateways for fibre, copper and mobile access, universal home gateways and fibre-termination units.

Numerous unique Iskratel Innbox devices support an array of broadband-access technologies, such as GPON and XGS-PON, Gigabit Ethernet, 5G FWA and VDSL2/ADSL. Complemented with mesh Wi-Fi, Iskratel Innbox home gateways deliver unbeatable indoor Wi-Fi coverage and supreme customer experience.

Armed with a centralised auto-configuration system, Iskratel Innbox CPE can easily and seamlessly integrate with any network-management system.

Iskratel Innbox home gateways are applicable for single- and multi-operator environments (using bitstream wholesale or unbundling), with single- and dual-box deployments, delivering the flexibility and manageability with a clear delineation of responsibilities between the network and service provider.