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Operational Communications

Operational Communications fits into the demanding rail and energy environment, providing a secure, reliable, and economical platform for all operational and business communications.

In the heart of the network

A robust communications network that supports new generation for applications for dispatching communications, telephony, and network control and management is needed to enhance the safety of the entire network for employees and other stakeholders.

Railways Operational Communications

Communications play a critical role in rail operations, ensuring that all traffic operations run smoothly and that communications between traffic control centers, trains, track personnel, and stations are reliable, efficient, and secure.

Although the majority of rail communications still take place over a fixed network, we need to create a future-proof environment that meets the need for multi-service access and broadband transmission of video and similarly demanding services.

Energy Operational Communications

Dispatchers in energy segment are responsible for an important part of the daily communication in the work processes, and it is very important that they have a general overview of the systems from a central location.

It is also critical to handle all incoming calls and respond as quickly as possible. Dispatchers must be able to connect different types of users with audio or video conferencing in order to work effectively.

Our Operational Communications Solutions

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Next- gen Railways dispatcher

In order to ensure traffic safety and proper traffic flow, without forgetting special situations that may occur, we must establish a high-quality dispatching system.


We closely follow developments thought its membership in many dedicated organizations (UNIFE, ETSI) and actively contributes to the emerging FRMCS standardization documents.

GRM-R Fixed- dispatching System

The Fixed Dispatching System (FDS) is primarily designed to connection to GSM-R mobile communications networks, but also enables fixable interconnection with existing legacy communications networks to form a unified communications system.

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Energo Dispatcher

Professional workplaces and services for effective and reliable operational communication in the energy segment.

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Personnel- notification System (PNS)

Accurate information of employees about general events in their working environment is one of the most important points of a modern business segment.

Management Ecosystem

Enables overall umbrella management and control of the entire system with Service Provisioning and Assurance (SPA).