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Data Integration Platform SHAPE

A future-proof ecosystem for developing next-generation applications while utilizing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities. It is a platform for connecting a wide range of different data sources, allowing companies to include all data in a cloud-based system.

Shaping the future of digital transformation

​Data Integration Platform SHAPE is a future-proof platform for developing next-generation applications that leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is the platform for connecting a wide range of different data sources and enables companies to integrate all data into one cloud-based system.

Converting real-time data into actionable information

The Data Aggregation and Integration Platform SHAPE supports IoT solutions and is designed to integrate IT and OT systems, IoT sensors, and smart devices by collecting and analyzing data to deliver meaningful insights and prepare you for real-time action to predict your business faster, better, and more efficiently.

Why should you use our platform SHAPE?

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Discover your behavior

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Improves business intelligence

Reduces operating costs