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Network and application performance management

Analyzing network performance and traffic flow allows us to identify the cause of degraded IT infrastructure responsiveness and resolve any issues. Network and application performance management solutions tell you not only whether the systems are working, but also how well they are performing.

Network and application performance management

Changes in the performance of IT infrastructure can be caused by changed network conditions (increased workload, which can be the result of regular user activity, a configuration error or even abuse/attack), or by problems in the server infrastructure or a single application. These solutions enable you to identify and resolve any problems quickly.

They are particularly valuable in environments with a large number of remote locations that rely on centralised IT resources located at the organisation’s headquarters. In such settings, work efficiency depends on fast and reliable connections and the responsiveness of server farms and applications.

What are the benefits of network and application performance management?

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Uncovering the causes of degraded performance

By analysing what is happening on the network, you can find you can identify the potential causes of reduced IT infrastructure performance.

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Effective planning of future needs

Insight into IT resource usage trends facilitates a more accurate assessment of future capacity requirements.

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Rapid abuse detection

Analysing the capacity and traffic flows on the network enables quick and easy detection of abuse.

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Regulatory compliance

The solutions serve as the foundation for ensuring compliance with the GDPR as well as other regulatory requirements, particularly in mission-critical IT infrastructure (e.g. SCADA).


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