As part of a multinational company, we needed to implement and carry out the consolidation of Intra lighting, d. o. o. (Intra Group) on a unified ERP platform. We selected INFOR ERP LN FP7. Kontron helped us in our negotiations with the software supplier i.e. license owner and supported our deployment of a licensing policy across our manufacturing and sales companies in Intra Group. Their help is always welcome as we order additional licenses.
In terms of localized products, we use their “Human Resources and Payroll” solution. We also use localizations of INFOR ERP LN for Croatia and Serbia.
The company was also very helpful in our recent project as we virtualized our ERP system.
Deploying a unified ERP system across all locations was a key project for Intra Group. The results of this achievement are reflected by the fact that we remain in the black year after year.
Kontron ensures that partners stay up to date with INFOR news and gives us an opportunity to network and exchange experience. They have worked on this since the end of 2011.