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Business Processes and Consulting

By leveraging our deep understanding of the intricacies of the banking industry and our extensive knowledge of the entire IT industry, we are able to deliver world-class comprehensive consulting services.

Business Processes and Consulting

Through the years of developing software solutions, we acquired extensive knowledge related to business processes and banking IT environments. This helps our consultants and architects operate in different roles and participate across various stages of development and banking operations optimization.

We believe that the right understanding and the right strategy can ensure IT is aligned with business needs to contribute to success. Based on your wishes we design a functional and economically viable IT restructuring proposal that is modelled after the best internal and global practices for infrastructure, applications, services and business processes.

Why work with us to develop and optimize your banking operations?

Highly competent team

Our team comprises highly trained consultants, architects and software developers.

Delivery of custom services

Our highly trained team and deep understanding allow us to deliver custom services based on your needs.

Stroskovno ikona

In-depth knowledge

Our in-depth knowledge of business processes is combined with advanced IT skills.

Applying successful examples from practice

In our work, we apply successful practices to significantly reduce the time to market for our solution.


Tomislav Bjelokapič

Director of Banking Solutions and Software Development

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Tomaz Lipovsek

Tomaž Lipovšek

Head of Professional Services

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