Successful localisation of Innbox home gateways for Russian market

In April, Yekaterinburg-based Iskrauraltel successfully underwent an assessment by a major Tier-1 operator in Russian Federation, performed by its Commission for the implementation of import substitution process.

Home gateways Innbox E84, Innbox G84 and Innbox U92 have been meticulously assessed for compliance with the operator’s localisation criteria. The operator’s commission has thoroughly inspected products’ hardware and software, the legal status of Iskrauraltel, as well as other factors that are important for compliance.

Positive results of the assessment will allow Iskrauraltel to be listed among the operator’s preferential suppliers in Russian Federation. Telco vendors, R&D companies and manufacturers that meet the operator’s localisation criteria are entered into the operator’s register of companies that are eligible to participate in the operator’s procurement process within the framework of import substitution.