Ensuring security and privacy with Innbox application suite

As the internet becomes more prevalent in everyday life, people are spending more and more time on smart devices, browsing social media platforms, and communicating online for both work and casual usage. Due to this, we are becoming increasingly more dependent on a stable and secure internet connection to enable us to perform everyday tasks. The Coronavirus pandemic and its global restrictions have seen people’s everyday lives shift to an indoor setting, and for many, this was a complete change of pace. Adults and children have been told to work and study from home, and have since become more reliant on their internet connection.

This has only further emphasised the importance of security and protection of privacy on the internet, where the digital youth are even more active. With the internet so easy to access on phones, computers and even smart watches, many parents aren’t aware of what their children are getting up to, and don’t always have the time among other responsibilities to constantly check what websites they’re browsing, and the threats that may await them.

Even adults sometimes do not have the knowledge about what content is safe. Do we know who we trust with our documents when we store them in the cloud? With the insurgence of mandatory policies, are we willing to sell our privacy for the convenience of two clicks instead of three? Private documents, passwords, online certificates, and contracts are at risk of attacks in the digital age. Security measures on home devices and connections have never been so important.

Greater security combined with superior user experience

Iskratel aims to combat cyber risks and the use of prohibited content for the safety of families, businesses, and schools. It has developed a suite of new applications for home devices of its Innbox family. With these specially tailored applications, that include advanced parental controls, secure storage, and access through a private tunnel, privacy can be enhanced and the most vulnerable protected when browsing the internet.

The advanced parental controls provide protection against inappropriate content on the internet, with users able to simply manage the access of family members (depending on the device used) to website content, set up lists and filters, and prevent unsafe downloads. This can also:

  • Limit the daily time of internet access or a weekly schedule (for example, allowing access on Mondays from 7.45 to 11.30, Tuesdays from 8.15 to 10.00, etc.).
  • Restrict access to problematic or potentially dangerous content (such as violence, gambling, or some social networks).
  • Notify the user with alerts of suspicious content in the web browser.

Via the application settings and in just a few minutes, users can make their family members safe from online threats.

Personal content storage and home services accessible from anywhere

The user can protect their privacy further with Iskratel by creating their own, wholly private ‘cloud’. Instead of storing their documents, images and videos on web servers with indeterminable ownership and location, they store it on a USB stick plugged into their Innbox home device. In this case, the content in private storage is accessible from anywhere with the “Innbox Share” application. The difference between their own and another cloud is that the user has complete control over where and how documents are stored and protected. Stored on a USB stick and inserted in the home device, this is not accessible to anyone else, including the operator and most importantly, the potential intruders.

The user can choose to share them with friends and relatives by explicitly allowing this. In any case, the user can access the private cloud from anywhere in the world. In addition, the user can connect to the home network from anywhere where they have access to the internet. From a smartphone, tablet or computer, they can set up a completely secure “Innbox VPN” private tunnel. The content transfer is encrypted, secure against intrusion, and not visible to anyone else.

Through a private tunnel to their home device, they can enjoy the same service experience wherever they are. For example, home TV programs are available to the user on the other side of the world. If they have any devices connected to the home network (surveillance cameras, climate control, or smart appliances), they can access and remotely manage them as if they were at home. In short, when the user is away from home, for example on a business trip or on vacation, they can check the home camera to see if everything is OK. Before returning home, they can also turn on the heating, or raise the window blinds.

Seamless management via a mobile app

All of the above can be easily managed with a friendly management interface of the home device, and recently, Iskratel’s Innbox smartphone app. The interface provides the user with complete control over the home network (including the display of possible intrusion attempts), and can be accessed in eight different languages.

The security applications will be available for the latest generation of Innbox home devices as part of the ‘Innbox Premium Application Suite’. The suite will also include an application to set up and manage a mesh Wi-Fi network, the ability to transmit television over a home wireless network, the capability to set up a public web server from a home network, and to control LEDs on a home device.

The suite will be available later this year at a number of internet access providers in Slovenia. Users can check availability with their provider of choice. The application suite provides superior user experience, but above all, it enhances security and privacy for the safety of users and their families.