Iskratel releases its new single, universal home gateway to reduce operator costs

Kranj, Slovenia, 26 November 2020 – Iskratel, the leading European provider of sustainable broadband-access solutions, today launched its new Innbox U92, that provides a multi-gigabit experience over copper, fibre or mobile on a single home-networking device. The new device equips operators with a single, universal home gateway for customer premises, regardless of broadband-access technology.

Simplifying the migration between technologies in single-box deployment set-ups, the Innbox U92 also reduces operators’ stock costs significantly. Supporting multi-gigabit data rates, it easily delivers advanced triple-play services, including multiple Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) TV streams over wired, wireless or mesh home networks. The Innbox U92 has a Wi-Fi 6 access point with Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) that uplifts wireless connectivity and performance significantly for multi-streaming and gaming.

The latest addition to Iskratel’s family of Innbox Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE) also includes an EasyMesh™ compliant mesh Wi-Fi controller that will unlock the true potential of multi-gigabit connectivity. Due to the super-fast boot-up time and uplink detection, and with an integrated Fibre-Termination Unit (FTU) it will substantially reduce Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) deployment costs for operators.

“We are very pleased to unveil Innbox U92, which builds on the success of our current award-winning Innbox CPE devices,” said Svjetlana Kalaba, Director of Business Unit Broadband at Iskratel. “The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the need for reliable, ultrafast connectivity in consumers’ homes, and our new device will allow operators to deliver cutting-edge services seamlessly and cost-effectively.”

The Innbox U92 will enable users to securely access all their home services (such as a TV) and home devices (such as surveillance cameras, storage and smart appliances) from anywhere via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. In addition to a fully featured router and firewall, secure wireless transmission and authentication, end-users will also see the seamless transfer of multicast IPTV over Wi-Fi and Mesh Wi-Fi using an embedded proxy.

“We are delighted with Iskratel’s Innbox U92 and have unsurprisingly found its performance to be a continuation of its predecessors,” said Gorazd Penko, Research and Development Department at T-2. “Based on the device’s new abilities to truly unlock the vast potential of multi-gigabit connectivity, it enables us to present new services to our customer base and unlock new revenue potential.”

The Innbox U92 follows in the footsteps of Iskratel’s current Innbox CPE devices, including Innbox G84 and Innbox G85 that are GPON home gateways that ensure the smooth delivery of services. Integrated FTU and advanced remote management keep operators’ costs under control, and MU-MIMO and an embedded EasyMesh™ controller provide unrivalled wireless coverage, especially when the devices work in tandem with Innbox M84. The Innbox M84, a premium EasyMesh™ agent access point is one of the latest additions to Iskratel’s portfolio and is able to deliver multi-gigabit throughput to numerous wireless or wired clients across customer premises.

Iskratel will be showcasing its latest Innbox CPE devices, including the Innbox U92 at FTTH ‘Virtual’ Conference 2020 from Wednesday, December 2 until Thursday, December 3.