Iskratel to introduce powerful fibre-optic services at Gigabit Summit 2021

Innovative new products such as the ComboPON OLT are designed for modern fibre-optic networks, and will be showcased at this year’s conference

Munich, July 14, 2021 – Iskratel, the leading European ICT provider, will be presenting its innovative, brand-new Optical Network Terminal and Optical Line Terminal (ONT / OLT) products and services designed for modern fibre-optic networks at the Gigabit Summit in Hessen, Germany this week.

The annual conference is aimed at highlighting the expansion and further development of digital infrastructures. Iskratel’s Patrick A. Zuncke, Head of the Munich branch, will be expanding on Iskratel’s continued focus in Germany and showcase the brand-new SI3000 Lumia C16 at the RheinMain Congress Centre in Wiesbaden.

The network has a high-performance ComboPON OLT in its luggage, that meets current and future requirements for passive optical networks. Compactly designed, the SI3000 Lumia C16 is network processor-based, meaning that the functions and performance parameters can be conveniently set in microcode, allowing for a high level of interoperability. Network operators can therefore provide XGS-PON and GPON end-users with high-speed Internet services with just one device. Furthermore, new debugging tools such as network tracing and the integrated, OMCI-compliant analyser will make network monitoring easier.

Zuncke also attributes the great demand to the currently prevailing supply bottlenecks for chipsets, semiconductors and electronic components. “The booming economy in the USA and China as well as the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on global supply chains are causing bottlenecks in Europe,” explains Zuncke. “With the ComboPON OLT SI3000 Lumia C16, network operators are optimally positioned so that no new hardware for fibre optic networks have to be purchased when demand increases.”

In addition to exclusive new details about the SI3000 Lumia C16, participants of the Gigabit Summit will also gain insight into​​the current Iskratel products and the services for setting up modern fibre optic networks. Both the ComboPON OLT SI3000 Lumia C16 and the innovative CPE of the Innbox series are expected to be in high demand in Germany, an estimate supported by the first testing activities that Iskratel is currently carrying out in collaboration with selected German network operators.

Zuncke added: “This is a promising start shortly after we opened our branch in Munich. I am confident that we will complete the tests successfully and thus significantly increase our market share in Germany.”