PTP demo at a major Tier-1 operator

During the first few days of spring – while the snow still covers Slovenian mountaintops – Iskratel’s development and verification department is already in full bloom. One of its most recent fruits has just been successfully demonstrated to a major Tier-1 operator in Central Europe.

The demo included a practical set-up of the PTP (Precision Time Protocol) protocol in the operator’s lab.

  1. PTP packets were transmitted between the traffic generator and SI3000 Lumia OLT.
  2. SI3000 Lumia OLT synchronised with ToD (Time of Day) protocol.
  3. The ONT received and synchronised with ToD. Subsequently, the ONT converted ToD back to PTP packets and transmitted them back to the traffic generator, which measured the offset and determined the time-interval error.

Eventually, maximum time-interval error has been measured as low as 40 nanoseconds.



And why on earth does this matter?

Frequency and/or time synchronisation is essential in mobile backhaul to guarantee performance and quality of service, as well as in other industries, such as aerospace or navigation.

Iskratel’s GPON/XGS-PON equipment is proven to handle PTP (Precision Time Protocol) and SyncE (Synchronous Ethernet) in full conformance to the standards, giving operators full confidence for implementing SI3000 Lumia OLTs in their backhaul use cases.