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The Phenomenon of 1% Investment in CO Equipment

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Kontron Webinar from April 2023

Continuously improving the efficiency of economic performance, fibre-access operators are constantly on the lookout for ideas and tools to increase the profit margins and reduce exposure to risks. While it may be obvious for certain steps, the logic for economic improvement is not always quite on the surface for some others.

This free webinar will bring attention of the FTTH industry to a generally overlooked phenomenon of overstating the share of central-office equipment in relation to the total PON investment. The webinar will provide detailed statistics, with key findings challenging certain common beliefs.

How to evaluate the risks vis-à-vis the differences in the cost of active GPON/XGS-PON equipment in the market – which are miniscule compared to the overall investment? Can operators that focus on the cheapest OLTs available always win in the long-term?

Join the webinar to hear the hard facts about the paradox, and to exploit the opportunity to share your opinion and insights!


Webinar Speaker


Webinar photo Nikolaj

Nikolaj Sobolev
Customer Solution Manager

After having joined S&T Iskratel (now Kontron) as a product manager in 2020, Nikolaj has been leading the development of Kontron’s premium line of next-generation fibre access, with Iskratel Lumia C16 and Iskratel Lumia T14 standout examples. While focusing on how to best position the products in the market and guarantee their success, he has successfully digitalised and optimised the internal work flows in the R&D.

In 2023, Nikolaj shifted to business development to pursue a more active promotion of Kontron’s next-gen access products, and further increase brand recognition among customers.

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana, and a very versatile person seeking continuous personal development. Among his many and varied interests, Nikolaj is a passionate (and former professional) ice hockey player.


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