Wi Fi 6 Is It Worth the Effort

Wi-Fi 6: Is It Worth the Effort?

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Kontron Webinar from April 2022

The talk about Wi-Fi 6 has finally shifted from the initial buzz to a discussion about its use and practical implications. As the technology has matured and become affordable, it is ready to meet the ever-increasing hunger for speed and convenience of use. If used in a mesh setup, in particular, Wi-Fi 6 seems to be the ideal choice to address all customer needs.

This free webinar will stay well away from the hype, and give a sober assessment of the practical experience with Wi-Fi 6. Specifically, the webinar will include first-hand experience of T-2, a major Slovenian fibre-access operator, continuously ranked nation’s best in user-friendliness. What does it really take to be the best in meeting customer expectations, and what is the true role of Wi-Fi 6 in it?

Join us as top experts from Iskratel and T-2 make sense of Wi-Fi 6, and discuss how it can (or perhaps cannot) make operators stand out from the crowd.


Webinar Speakers

Mitja Golja
Business Development Director

Dr. Mitja Golja is a Business Development Director at Kontron’s Business Unit Broadband. He is responsible for new market strategies and go-to-market initiatives for new technologies.

Mitja brings to Kontron more than 15 years of global operating experience in the broadband-networking industry, as well as true passion for product business development and strategy.

Prior to heading business development, Mitja held several management positions at Kontron (former Iskratel). Amongst others he was in charge of product line management and R&D.

Matjaž Pogačnik
Strategy Consultant

Before joining Kontron, Matjaž was Director of Access Networks Department at Telekom Slovenije, and was responsible for Fixed & Mobile access networks, Energy systems, Cable infrastructure, Real estate and Service provisioning. In addition, he was the director of six small network operators in CEE region.

He was appointed Head of R&D at Telekom Slovenije in 2006, and became Director of Network in 2010. In addition to his organisational responsibilities, he led some of the biggest projects at Telekom Slovenije. Matjaž authored several technical publications about broadband, and co-authored a book about ADSL networks and measurements in 2001. He occasionally lectures at the University of Ljubljana.

Gorazd Penko
Head of Reference Laboratory

Gorazd Penko is Head of Reference Laboratory at T-2, a major Slovenian telecommunications operator. He is responsible for the development of FTTH and xDSL solutions, and CPE equipment at T-2. He leads several projects at T-2, including the introduction of GPON, XGS-PON and next-generation fibre-access networks.

Gorazd graduated at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. Since 1998, he worked on commercial deployment of ADSL in the R&D department of Telekom Slovenije. Having joined T-2 in 2006, he became responsible for the development of VDSL, which T-2 introduced among the first in Europe. As Head of xDSL department in 2007-2010, he was in charge of development, planning and management of xDSL networks.

Gorazd is an active participant at numerous international telecommunications events, such as Broadband World Forum, FTTH Conference, and others.

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