Zeop: From Deployment to Additional Revenue in a Month

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For many operators, how quickly network upgrades can be carried out will be make or break – ensuring they can continue to deliver the high-standard of service that their customers expect.

In spring 2018, Zeop SAS, the main broadband operator in La Réunion Island with an independently-owned fibre-optic network, faced an unexpected issue that jeopardised its commitment to delivering gigabit connectivity to every household in the island.

Determined to push the boundaries of its advanced GPON access technology, Iskratel provided an interoperable solution in record time, empowering Zeop’s growth strategy and its commitments made to the communities.

In just three months, Iskratel’s home gateways were installed across Zeop’s network, providing new services and improving the quality of life to Zeop’s customers. This generated additional revenues for Zeop in less than one month after the deployment.

Download the case study and learn:

  • How Zeop upgraded its network in less than six months;
  • How Zeop managed to generate additional service revenues in less than one month after deployment;
  • How Zeop optimised remote management in real time and cut costs with the centralised management system.

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