Slovenia’s Kontron introduces energy-efficiency declarations

The initiative is a tool for operators in reducing carbon footprint

Customers of leading European provider of sustainable fibre-access solutions Slovenia’s Kontron (formerly known as Iskratel) can make more informed decisions about their environmental impact thanks to the company’s introduction of energy-efficiency declarations to all its new broadband products.

The publicly available declarations state the products’ energy consumption and test methodology, providing credible and comparable figures against the limits outlined in the EU Code of Conduct on Energy Consumption of Broadband Equipment.

“We are delighted to lead by example and continue our commitment to providing open and transparent communication about the energy consumption of our equipment, and helping reduce the overall carbon footprint throughout the product lifecycle,” said Simon Čimžar, CTO of Business Unit Broadband at Slovenia’s Kontron.

“The results of the survey we conducted in western Europe in 2022 reveal that more than 95% of operators favour publishing data about energy efficiency of products and solutions, with five out of six respondents preferring vendors to use energy-efficiency labels. This calls for vendors to accept their responsibility in reducing their overall carbon footprint and to put an end to the confusion caused by the inconsistency of reporting power consumption of their broadband equipment,” Mr Čimžar continued.

The energy-efficiency declarations augment the energy-efficiency labels that the company introduced in 2022 – a first in the telecom industry. These labels state a product’s power consumption and level of compliance with the EU Code of Conduct.

Slovenia’s Kontron is committed to ensuring that its broadband-access equipment complies with the strict limits that the EU Code of Conduct sets for power consumption, and to clearly informing customers and users about the consumption. Easy to read and understand, the labels and the declarations alike are available openly at the company’s website.