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Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and defense manufacturers rely on Infor’s highly secure ERP software to meet the stringent requirements of the industry—from managing ETO operations to advanced supply chain management and tracking replacement parts and tools for aftermarket service.

Empowering Aerospace and Defense manufacturers with secure ERP solutions

Infor’s secure ERP software supports aerospace and defense manufacturers in meeting industry requirements. It manages ETO operations, optimizes supply chains, and tracks aftermarket service parts and tools.

Our ERP solutions are designed to drive product innovation, align your business with specialized customer needs, and give you the agility to anticipate and quickly respond to market disruptions. Aerospace and defense companies must embrace digital technologies for enhanced collaboration, supplier performance monitoring, quality control, and supply chain risk integration into strategic planning processes.

Key benefits of CloudSuite

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Optimize complex contract processes

Make sense of the complex and often error-prone processes of bidding, contracting, execution, and revenue recognition with a solution built to drive efficiency with full contract and project management capabilities

Manage supply chain complexity and risk

Our solution enables you to achieve efficient program/project execution and maintain control over multi-tiered supply chains. With our system, you can respond promptly to supply chain shortages and ensure smooth operations.

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Security and regulatory compliance

With our solution, you can adhere to, track, and audit stringent quality control, regulation compliance, and cybersecurity requirements. We prioritize maintaining vigilant cyber security for all solutions, ensuring the safety and integrity of your data.

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Turn your service operation into a revenue center

Leverage digital technology and data insights to manage your service and MRO operations, while optimizing resolution time and resources. With our solution, you can effectively track the as-serviced history, parts, and components replaced or serviced, adhering to strict guidelines.

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Propel innovation with new technology

Take advantage of continual upgrades and always-current technology capabilities to help accelerate business growth and insight. Upgrade your outdated solutions without losing valuable historical data, ensuring its accessibility and security.

A competitive Aerospace & Defense advantages

Profitability & growth

Our solution offers out-of-the-box functionality for contract and project management, allowing you to easily handle various aspects of your projects. It enables you to efficiently manage revenue recognition methods and Free Cash Flow (FCF). Additionally, it provides embedded analytics to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

Business process complexity

Our solution allows you to automate shop floor operations, streamlining and optimizing your manufacturing processes. It ensures the accuracy of Bill of Materials (BOMs) and production schedules, helping you plan and execute production efficiently. With built-in quality assurance and corrective actions plans, you can maintain high product quality and address any issues that arise. The solution also enables you to effectively manage engineering changes and their impacts on production.

Aftermarket operations & MRO

Our solution offers integrated configuration management and resource planning, allowing you to effectively manage and allocate resources for optimal performance. It supports field service and depot repair capabilities, enabling efficient maintenance and repair operations. With the ability to trace serialized parts, you can easily track and monitor the movement and usage of individual components.

Supply chain resiliency

Our solution enables you to consolidate material requirements planning, bringing together all your material needs for efficient procurement and inventory management. It facilitates electronic data interchange (EDI) with suppliers, ensuring seamless communication and efficient exchange of information. The solution also enables parts tracking and provides in-transit visibility, allowing you to monitor the movement and location of parts throughout the supply chain.

Regulatory compliance

Our solution provides support for AS9100 and ISO9100 quality programs, ensuring that your organization meets the highest quality standards in the aerospace and defense industry. The system promotes fair, equitable, and unbiased costing, enabling accurate and transparent pricing for your products and services. It also ensures global trade compliance, helping you navigate international regulations and trade agreements.

Purpose built solutions for Aerospace & Defense

Enterprise resource planning

  • Industry focus with micro-vertical suites
  • Accelerated time to benefit and ROI
  • Flexible deployment options, on premise or cloud, enables you to scale as needed

Contract & Program management

  • Contract and program definition
  • CLIN definition
  • Project management
  • Delivery & invoicing

Factory track

  • Pick and pack – move to pack, replenish, single picking function
  • Inbound – receive, put away, customer returns
  • In-house – move, count, inquiry

Enterprise assetmanagement

  • Schedule preventive maintenance
  • Predict equipment reliability
  • Reduce inventory and purchasing costs

Supply chain planning and execution

  • Sourcing & project costing
  • Contract flow down
  • Manufacturing execution
  • Quality assurance

Product lifecycle management

  • Accelerate development od new/revised products
  • Ensure compliance with standards and regulations
  • Leverage data across your enterprise in real-time

Business intelligence

  • Powered by Birst – leading web-based platform
  • End user friendly analytics
  • Access multipe data sources w/automated tools

Regulatory compliance

  • DCAA/MMAS compliance
  • Fair, equitable and unbiased costing
  • Global trade compliance
  • Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

Aftermarket service and MRO

  • Configuration management
  • Resource planning
  • Field service management
  • Depot repair

Human capital/workforce management

  • Attract, retain and develop skilled talent
  • Elevate workforce visibility, performance and compliance
  • Automate manual handling and administrative tasks


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