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Infor CloudSuite

Specialized by industry, Infor CloudSuite solutions are built for the Cloud to enable global business, networked analytics, and a user experience that can be augmented by artificial intelligence.

Empowering Industries with Infor CloudSuite solutions

Designed to provide an unmatched user experience, Infor CloudSuite™ solutions deliver industry-specific capabilities without extensive customizations or integrations. Infor® CloudSuite solutions combine the Infor cloud platform built on infrastructure services from Amazon Web Services® (AWS®) and Infor OS—enabling cloud applications to work collaboratively with each other and with legacy software. With a core ERP and high-value extension applications, each CloudSuite provides proven solutions built on industry best practices.

  • CloudSuite Automotive
  • CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense
  • CloudSuite Engineering & Construction
  • CloudSuite High Tech & Electronics
  • CloudSuite industrial

Infor recognizes the move to the Cloud can necessitate substantial change in an organization. There may also be confusion about what the cloud truly is. Or perhaps organizations need assistance to develop an internal plan for moving from an on-premises solution.

Why move to the Cloud?

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Innovate faster

Cloud solutions enable organizations to stay agile in the face of industry changes, seize new opportunities, and scale successful initiatives to wider audiences, without the burden of costly infrastructure investments.

Improve performance and scalability

Cloud-driven businesses benefit from best-in-class performance and scalability, allowing them rapidly to respond to monthly, seasonal, merger and acquisitions challenges.

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Reduce total cost of ownership

Moving to the Cloud converts software from a capital to an operational expense. By switching revenue reporting, companies gain access to funds for expansion and respond swiftly to growth opportunities.

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Encourage technology adoption

Cloud-based software is a user-friendly experience of the new generation, increasing adoption among users through its modern UI, embedded BI, accessibility on any device, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

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Simplify security and compliance

Migrating to the Cloud allows to delegate cybersecurity responsibilities, reduce costs, and benefit from automatic security and compliance updates, ensuring access to the latest tools throughout the company.

The last upgrade you will ever need

To drive business agility, networked analytics, and an engaging user experience across the enterprise, Infor CloudSuite solutions:

  • Free customers from upgrade installations and testing
  • Include essential industry-specific capabilities out of the box
  • Leverage Infor OS for cross application collaboration
  • Are natively designed for the AWS platform to deliver optimum performance

Built for the cloud—built for your industry. Infor CloudSuite solutions are the last upgrade you’ll ever need.

By moving critical business applications to an Infor CloudSuite, businesses can take advantage of automatic upgrades that deliver the latest advances in enterprise functionality. As users become more productive, technology teams can spend less time managing software deployments and customizations—and everyone can focus on more strategic initiatives. Keep applications current and connected, leverage powerful functionality, and optimize critical business processes with Infor CloudSuite.

Top 10 benefits of the Infor Cloud

Infor OS:

Access to Infor Data Lake, predictive data insights via artificial intelligence and machine learning, connection to Internet of Things devices, interoperability, integration, events, workflows, and document management.

Prepacked industry analytics:

Include pre-built data models, dashboards, and key performance indicators for measuring performance and gaining key insights into business processes (available as soon as you go live).

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Production visualization:

Industry-specific dashboards and content, additional role-based content, homepages, and more workbenches across production, shipment planning and execution, service, and finance.

Finance enhancements:

including IFRS 15, flexible XML support, currency differences by payment schedule, and the ability to use multiple tax IDs for one logistical company.

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Efficiency Boost:

Single-piece flow manufacturing (ASC) and high-volume manufacturing improvements.

Additional enhancements:

Including comingled project grouping of the cost pegging for costing transfers at moving average unit cost; calculations of earned value including government reports, and overhead calculations.

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Field and depot service enhancements:

Including extended warranty contracts and unification with Project Control (PCS) projects.

Inventory management:

Including last time buy for end-of-life support and expansion of inventory use-up capabilities, and subcontractor vendor-managed inventory.

Mobile applications:

Dedicated mobile apps for field service, quality, nonconformance, and purchase requisition.

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Quality enhancements:

Including first article inspection, revision controls plus mobile applications, and AI/machine learning models through Infor OS.


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