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Infor CloudSuite Construction & Engineering

Construction and Engineering companies face growing pressure and continuous demands to improve how they work with partners, contractors, and clients—while enhancing internal performance. From building more efficient back-office services to empowering frontline workers, technology plays a key role in modernizing industry.

Infor CloudSuite delivers innovation and scalability for complex projects and emerging technologies

Infor CloudSuite Construction and Engineering was designed with the input of many engineering and construction companies in addition to manage the increasingly complex regulatory and risk landscape, CloudSuite solutions empower you to successfully deliver on more complex projects and services.

Beyond improving existing services, CloudSuite Construction and Engineering delivers innovation and scalability that enables a range of emerging technologies. These include building information modeling (BIM), the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual and augmented reality presentations, and big data analytics. By linking data and services together, companies can join in the digital revolution and gain improved IT processes that deliver operational improvement.

Empowering Construction & Engineering Industries: Analytics, Cloud Solutions, ERP, and Digital Platform Integration

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Industry Analytics

Interwoven analytics and BI instances that share a common data-as-a-service fabric to give complete business visibility.

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Cloudsuite Construction & Engineering solutions

Next level with best applications for supply chain optimization, product lifecycle management, asset & work force management and customer experience.

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CloudSuite Construction & Engineering core

A Cloud-based ERP built for construction & engineering with pre-configured industry capabilities, enables you to transform faster than with any other ERP.

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Infor OS digital platform

Connects services to provide a robust integration framework and serve as the foundation of an entire business ecosystem.

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True multi-tenant cloud infrastructure

Infor has partnered with AWS for over six years to optimize applications for their market leading, cloud architecture.

The Infor CloudSuite advantages

Benefits of CloudSuite Engineering & Construction

Infor brings together modern solutions with over a decade of experience in partnering with global customers to improve how they run their business. Organizations using CloudSuite Construction and Engineering are finding new ways to generate sustainable growth, maintain and elevate revenue, and build stronger loyalty. CloudSuite Construction and Engineering empowers businesses through a modern digital platform to drive growth. Through the cloud, there’s less installation hassle; data insights are easier to view and share; and businesses become more agile and able to build their digital processes faster—even without extensive and costly IT support.

Minimize project risk

Infor’s Equipment and Service module, which is built into CloudSuite Construction and Engineering, enables you to meet critical asset performance challenges by extending the longevity of your assets and improving overall asset management processes, so you can:

  • Optimize asset management processes
  • Facilitate root cause failure analysis
  • Turn asset management into a competitive advantage
  • Maximize maintenance effectiveness
  • Increase equipment uptime
  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Maximize employee productivity with mobile app

Empower your workforce

With an often-remote workforce, employees need regular access to centralized data to stay connected in real time, as well as to digitally collaborate with supply chain partners. Modern digital technology, delivered as an intuitive user experience, can empower your workforce, while reducing the cost and stress of employee churn. With modern digital technology, you’ll gain visibility, data sharing, and communication anytime, anywhere.

This approach allows employees to:

  • Focus their time on value-added activities
  • Leverage a modern and intuitive technology platform
  • Support and elevate the workforce beyond current levels
  • Optimize workforce productivity and value to the business

Infuse science into predictions

    • Unite transaction and analytics processing into a single database to optimize budgets, manage subcontractors, and issue purchase orders
    • Organize and collaborate on documents, along with project execution and accounting
    • Base forecasts on reliable and up-to-date data
    • Analyse past performance and results to predict expected outcomes
    • Replicate practices that drive successful outcomes through dynamic enterprise modelling capabilities and identify weaknesses within the business

Improve business productivity

  • Connect teams and applications across the organization via a trusted network of analytics and insights to inform smarter decisions
  • Deliver a wide range of revenue gains through smarter and up-to-date calculations with analytics
  • Support mobile access to applications anytime, anywhere on the cloud and improve response times to business-critical issues
  • Make better equipment decisions with comprehensive asset management, materials management, and procurement tools

Coordinate a value-driven ecosystem

  • Go paperless and facilitate real-time collaboration between project members, contractors, and subcontractors
  • Synchronize various processes from scheduling to project delivery, including procurements and on-site execution, with complete financial management and audit trails
  • Create a central digital document repository to easily find documents when they’re needed
  • Create one version of the truth with shared files, no duplicate or multiple versions
  • View 3D plans, orders, and documents on-the-go via mobile apps

Encourage collaboration and innovation

  • Automate processes and repetitive actions so your teams can focus on high-value tasks and project delivery
  • Attract and retain talent with modern, user-friendly solutions; leverage collaborative and agile technology to enable employees to work the way they expect from a 21st-century organization
  • Streamline workflows to improve efficiency, ensuring that data is always accessible and documents are in the right place
  • Manage resource assignments, hours, and expenses for multiple subcontractors in a single platform to optimize your labor force and improve coordination


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