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Infor CloudSuite High Tech&Electronics

Manufacturers who make high tech and electronics products rely on Infor’s ERP solutions to manage the global supply chain, get products to market faster, and quickly pivot toward new opportunities.

Investing in modern sofware

Infor CloudSuite High Tech & Electronics generates better flexibility and deeper insights by addressing these complex requirements with an integrated, highly standardized, and pre-configured set of pliable, multi-tenant cloud functionalities which can be deployed very quickly.

In High&Tech industry challenges vary, but the solution is often the same: modern software. Highly flexible ERP solutions deployed in the Cloud provide the next generation capabilities manufacturers need today. With the right IT infrastructure in place, manufacturers and suppliers will be able to step up production, focus on innovation, automate routine tasks, and deliver goods and products that bring meaningful impact to customers. Investing in technology is a

Multitenant Cloud solutions offer agility

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Agile processes and connectivity

Easily connect production equipment and machinery to support Industry 4.0 strategies. Adopt agile business processes using dynamic workflows, extensibility, and no code/low code toolset to support innovation.

Simple support and capabilities

Preconfigured out-of-the-box localizations support global growth. Highly flexible solutions also support Build-to-Order and Configure-to-Order capabilities.

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Reliable compliance and security

Solutions deployed in the cloud are highly secure, are automatically backed up and provide reliable continuity.

Quick deployment

Cloud solutions, using out-of-the-box functionality, are quick to deploy, helping high-tech manufacturers respond quickly to changing needs.

Unlocking Competitive Advantage: Leveraging Infor ERP Solutions for Efficient Product Development and Differentiation

Support product innovation

Tackle compliance, product lifecycle, and configuration challenges with ease.

  • Manage the complete product lifecycle, from R&D, to testing and roll out.
  • Manage regulatory, quality, and supply chain impact analysis to control risks and optimize profitability.
  • Help customers design products to meet their specifications.

Optimize the supply chain

Synchronize planning and streamline processes to boost productivity and maintain quality control.

  • Manage data upstream and downstream with greater collaboration.
  • Leverage S&OP and supply chain planning and optimization.
  • Take advantage of multisite, multi-logistics inventory planning.
  • Manage the warehouse and fulfillment with one unified application.

Reduce operational complexity on the shop floor

Facilitate productivity, planning, and production to improve quality, while reducing costs.

  • Support multiple manufacturing models in one application.
  • Manage the workforce and shop floor automation.
  • Take advantage of project management capabilities including co-mingling and splits of production orders.
  • Optimize utilization and throughput of equipment and assets.

Increase high tech service revenue

Better manage your operations to deliver superior service.

  • Drive revenue by offering installation, field service, maintenance contracts, extended warranties, and MRO capabilities.
  • Support aftermarket service operations including technician dispatching and replacement part inventory.
  • Manage multi-tier warranties to improve customer relationships while maintaining profitability.
  • Integrate IoT data to gain shipping and supply chain status insights.

Embrace Industry 4.0 technologies

Build a complete system that takes full advantage of Industry 4.0 capabilities

  • Take advantage of modern features including AI-driven advanced analytics.
  • Leverage predictive data insights for accurate forecasting and buyer trends.
  • Collaborate with customers and contractors on product innovation.
  • Empower the workforce with role-based dashboards, KPIs, and easy-to-use reporting tools.
  • Use low-code and no-code PaaS tools to create personalized tools specific to your unique needs.


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