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Infor OS

Infor Operating Services (OS) provides a digital cloud gateway allowing for integration, collaboration, extensibility, and innovation beyond what is achieved at go-live.

Unleashing Industry-Specific SaaS Solutions via Infor CloudSuite

Infor® has grown significantly in the past decade with a focus on industry-specific SaaS solutions via Infor CloudSuite™, numerous strategic acquisitions, and organic growth of its existing technologies. One essential piece to the company’s success and innovation is its foundational cloud platform, Infor OS (Operating Service). Infor OS provides horizontal technology services across all of Infor’s CloudSuites and extends into third- party solutions as well. The services range from essential, business-critical functionality to more advanced high tech capable of providing competitive advantages to the enterprise.

Infor OS integrated solutions

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Infor ION® & API Gateway

Is a component of Infor OS that is used for brokering requests from API consumers, such as web and mobile applications, and API providers, such as Infor d/EPM, or third-party services.

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Federation Services

Enabling authentication, authorization, and regulation of users, and APIs, facilitating seamless integration of Infor CloudSuite with the customer’s preferred federated identity provider.

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Infor Data Lake

An integral component of the Infor multi-tenant cloud platform, enables data capture, industry-specific problem-solving through robust storage, and convenient retrieval of historical data.

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Enterprise user experience

Enable secure access, redefines business interactions, improves decision-making with focus on critical tasks, offers AI-powered experiences, and workflow through integration and automation.

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Infor Mongoose

Streamlining business process flows and capturing valuable data systematically, Mongoose maximizes your ability to quickly build simple web applications to complex ERP systems.

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Infor Coleman®

Leverages AI-technology to deliver key value towards enterprise goals. Prebuilt solution reduce complexity and the time it takes to realize value from predictive insights.

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Infor GRC

Is an integrated risk and compliance solution that enables you to continuously monitor the automated business processes in an organization.

Integrated Excellence within Infor OS

Integration & business process

Infor ION (Intelligent Open Network) is the most mature service within the Infor OS platform and represents Infor’s integration strategy for creating industry-specific solutions. ION allows for Infor and non-Infor applications to easily connect and share messages and transactions in common asynchronous forms with available mapping services.


Infor OS provides world-class security services through its Federation Services to authenticate, authorize, and regulate users, APIs, and more. The security services use SAML 2.0 standards for authentication and can integrate Infor CloudSuite with a federated identity provider (3rd party) of the customer’s choosing.

Data management

Infor OS provides the ability to efficiently manage enterprise big data consistently with the Infor Data Lake for cost-effective multi-consumption, allowing for more progressive innovation with advanced analytics and AI. Infor applications replicate their data automatically to the Data Lake through ION services, and streaming APIs are also available to ingest third-party data into the Data Lake as well.

Enterprise user experience

Infor OS provides a unique perspective when it comes to the software experience of everyday users. While the overall footprint of systems can be quite diversified and complex, Infor OS provides tools to keep the user experience consistent, secure, and personalized for every role, group, and user. Document Management is another business-critical feature in Infor OS and provides centralized storage of business documents in a format that’s conducive to the in-context feature functionality of Infor OS.

Cloud extensibility

With the Infor OS extensibility platform called Infor Mongoose, organizations can build their own applications, mobile apps, and extensions that are optimized for use via desktop, tablet,
or smartphone. The platform is fully integrated with all Infor OS services and allows users to build and deploy extensions all in the cloud. Producing feature-rich applications that are automatically upgradeable and deployable on-premises or in the cloud, Mongoose is a low-cost, unified development platform.

Artificial intelligence

Infor Coleman represents our AI product suite and comprises natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning solutions that are tightly connected with the Infor OS platform.
Infor Coleman can help with executing tasks in innovative ways, recommend next-best actions, and even predict potential issues and adjust systems accordingly.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Infor Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) is a next- generation solution that helps monitor and protect an organization by continuously identifying critical operational risks, adhering to compliance requirements, and objectively prioritizing which concerns require increased attention and allocation of resources. Infor GRC is a multi-tenant solution that is architected as a set of docker-enabled microservices. The solution is built and integrated with Infor OS, so it provides opportunities for enterprises that require integration with third-party applications.

The foundation for business excellence

Infor OS delivers an enterprise-grade AI platform designed to unlock new value and experiences by leveraging foundational AI technology to provide essential value towards enterprise goals. Whether exploring a user experience powered by voice, considering increased smart automation, or discovering predictive insights in enterprise data, Infor OS enables simplified operations


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