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SAP TM – Transportation Management

SAP TM supports the management of transport between various stakeholders in the process of physical movements of goods within the supply chain and provides a comprehensive overview and control over logistics processes in an organization.

SAP TM – Transportation Management

It supports all modes of transport (road, rail, sea, air) – from simple truck delivery (FTL, LTL) to complex multimodal journeys (FCL, LCL, Air). Advanced functionalities support optimization of the transport planning process to maximize the utilization of available capacities, definition of the optimal route and acceptance and delivery times. Integration with the core ERP system ensures that transport services are billed based on an advanced calculation of transport services provided by SAP TM.

Key benefits of SAP TM - Transportation Management Podnaslov H3: Reduced costs

Reduced costs

The solution prepares an optimized and viable transport plan that ensures lower total cost of transport.

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Use the solution to respond quickly to deviations during the planning and execution process and immediately change the plan (solution notifies the customer of the delay, reroutes).

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Improved services

Improved user interface makes it possible to view and monitor every stage in the logistics process.

Smart business decisions

Analyze transport costs to support the correct decisions when selecting suppliers, modes of transport, and assets.

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Ability to review international regulations and environmental, process and regulative requirements as you plan export deals.

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Comprehensive business process support through integration with other internal and external systems.


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