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Unified communications

A core platform for simultaneous communication among participants, enabling interactions and content sharing between employees within the organization and external partners/customers.

Combining different forms of communication

Unified communications are a platform that integrates different communication channels, such as voice and video calls, e-mail, online meetings, file sharing and chat rooms. They are the foundation for effective collaboration and enable effortless and secure communication between participants (employees, external partners and customers), content sharing and document co-authoring.

The significance of unified communications becomes particularly apparent when engaging with customers who use different communication channels and expect seamless and transparent communication.

The benefits of unified communications

Secure, simple and efficient

The integration of communications consolidates various communication tools into a single experience, allowing users to securely access voice calls, chats, e-mails and more through a single application instead of using multiple separate apps.

Support for effective collaboration

Easy file sharing, screen sharing, and shared notes improve teamwork and coordination among employees, as well as with customers.

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Regulatory compliance

To fulfill compliance requirements and enhance business quality and customer satisfaction, communications can be recorded, serving as an effective tool for user education.


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