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Workspace virtualization

Workplace virtualization solutions allow users to access applications regardless of their location or device, while offering organizations a high level of security, control over their environment and data, cost-efficiency and compliance.

Workspace virtualization solutions

In today’s digital and global business world, users can do their work anyplace on the globe and on any device they choose. Flexibility, remote collaboration, and technological innovations are driving workspace virtualization, which will be particularly important for remote working, fieldwork and the professions of the future.

Virtualization of the workspace, i.e. applications and desktops, helps organizations use computing resources more efficiently, centralize their infrastructure and simplify the management of applications, desktops and data while allowing users to access applications regardless of location, device (PCs, tablets, smartphones) or operating system (Windows, Linux). This translates to enhanced productivity, more workplace flexibility, and increased employee mobility.

Why virtualize your workspace?


Mobile productivity

Virtualizing applications and desktops enables users to be mobile while maintaining security. A user’s office can be anywhere on the globe and their workspace can comprise any combination of devices that they can use for both business and personal purposes.



Centralized data storage on secure servers reduces the risk of data loss and unauthorised access, as policy-based access control only allows permitted applications running in a controlled environment to access the storage.


Streamlined management

By centralizing data, managing applications, and automating tasks, IT infrastructure complexity is minimized since an administrator can manage multiple user profiles, deploy updates, and maintain security standards all in one location.



Virtualized workspaces reduce the cost of buying and maintaining hardware and software licences. More demanding applications can run on more powerful servers instead of individual computers.


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