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Generic Servers and Server Appliances

In addition to general purpose servers, there are server appliances for specific tasks, the most popular of which are data processing servers. These are becoming the primary driver of virtualisation and hyper-converged solutions.

General purpose servers and server appliances

A server appliance refers to a remote server that serves as a host for applications and services, as well as stores data and performs backups. The entire appliance is dedicated to an individual, an organization or an application, although it can also be used internally to host and provide specialized services, such as running dedicated file or network servers.

Servers are regaining their relevance in the data center. General-purpose servers are increasingly being used not just for virtualization, but also for hyper-converged solutions, which may be flexibly configured to offer required storage capacity Server appliances are designed as predefined engineered systems for processing databases such as SAP HANA or Oracle Exadata. There is an increasing focus on the x86 platform (a computing platform based on the Intel 386 microprocessor architecture), while other processor architectures remain an important segment for Unix-based servers.

Why choose generic servers and server appliances?

Wide range of applications

We offer server appliances for generic workloads and virtualization as well as hyper-converged and dedicated systems.


Systems can be tailored to your needs, or you can decide to use a predefined solution.

A broad range of solutions

When defining a suitable solution, you can choose between numerous leading makers, types and models.

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General purpose servers are independent of the hardware maker. When selecting server appliances, however, you need to take into account hardware manufacturers’ guidelines (compatibility matrices).

Hybrid Cloud Solutions - VMware Virtual Cloud Foundation (VCF)

Are you interested in learning how a comprehensive approach and a suite of virtualized solutions included in VMware VCF can help you easily manage virtual infrastructure in your data center and cloud service? Learn about vSAN, vRealize, NSX and Tanzu.

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