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Hyper-Converged Systems

Hyper-converged systems integrates computing, networking and storage functions in a single physical component, also called data center in a box. This reduces data center complexity and boosts efficiency.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Hyper-converged infrastructure is a component of software-defined solutions that use several standard servers to replace a range of highly specialized hardware (e.g. traditional storage systems).

They make it possible to integrate computer, storage and software networks with resource virtualization, unified management and other technologies running on traditional server hardware. Hyper-converged systems feature improved resource utilization and streamlined management of the entire system. More advanced solutions include data compression and deduplication as well as the optimization of network traffic when replicating data between data centers.

We offer servers that are preconfigured as hyper-converged systems or we build them ourselves from general-purpose servers and software that supports hyper-convergence.

Why choose hyper-converged systems?

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Simplified hardware

The system is built on general-purpose servers, and it integrates storage, local drivers, CPUs, memory and many other useful technologies in a compact unit.

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Easy scalability

The solution is a cost-effective choice for medium-sized companies as well as large enterprises that can scale-up or down by adding or removing servers to reflect changing business requirements.

Easy management

Solutions for managing this high-performance infrastructure include well-known and widely used tools from proven vendors.

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Uniform IT team

There is no need to separate the IT team into individual segments (network, storage, etc.).

DATA CENTER - ready for what's coming

We know that data is an asset for any organization with varying needs to store, process, transfer and secure it. We have extensive experience and use a broad range of solutions from major equipment makers so we can build an optimal and vendor-agnostic data center that’s fully tailored to your needs.

Learn more about modern approaches to building data centers and see if your business is also facing the challenges that often arise when designing data centers for rapidly growing environments.

Contact us and find a better solution for your environment.

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