Software Defined Data Center SDDC

Software-Defined Data Center

Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) uses a virtualized environment to deliver a software-based approach to traditional data center functions.

Software Defined Data Center - SDDC

A Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) is a data center concept that can significantly accelerate the ability of your business to deliver IT services. SDDCs resemble traditional data centers with some notable differences, in particular the use of virtualization, orchestration, resource pooling and automation.

A software-defined data center assumes that the entire data center infrastructure (e.g., storage, server resources, networking) is virtualized and delivered as a service. An important component of a software-defined data center is the automation and orchestration system used to administer all components from a single point and using unified tools and modern approaches to communication (REST API).

Virtualization of server resources was the first step towards the world of software-defined data centers, and we continue our journey by virtualizing storage systems and networks. Currently, the hottest topic of software-defined data centers are Software Defined Storage (SDS) and Software Defined Networks (SDN).

Why choose a software-defined data center?

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Simplified management

It is much easier and faster to deploy software-defined components than their hardware counterparts. IT departments can be more productive and agile and improve their management and data protection capabilities.

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Rapid IT service delivery

Programmability results in improved automation and system orchestration, accelerating service and application provisioning and changes and providing reliable support for rapid business growth – scalability.


The only hardware costs are purchases of general-purpose servers. There are many free open-source software solutions available.

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To build a software-defined data center you only need general purpose servers from any manufacturer, so you are independent from manufacturers or hardware makers.

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We know that data is an asset for any organization with varying needs to store, process, transfer and secure it. We have extensive experience and use a broad range of solutions from major equipment makers so we can build an optimal and vendor-agnostic data center that’s fully tailored to your needs.

Learn more about modern approaches to building data centers and see if your business is also facing the challenges that often arise when designing data centers for rapidly growing environments.

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Milestones of Data Center transformation

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Analysis of the current state

We analyze the existing IT infrastructure, the technologies used, documentation and diagrams. We assess the complexities of the configuration and develop a general plan with improvement recommendations.

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Proposal for an infrastructure solution based on best practices

We describe the key building blocks and concepts and prepare an architecture diagram of the proposed solution and integration with the existing IT environment. The proposal ensures improved utilization of hardware and other IT resources and compatibility with new technologies and providers of cloud computing services.

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Detailed Specification

We prepare a list of products/software with the relevant licenses with corresponding vendors’ SKUs and descriptions of all components.

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Detailed deployment plan

We design an IP/VLAN network plan for each segment, allocating resources to individual components, prepare infrastructure diagrams and blueprints for server racks, physical connections, and cabling. We identify critical points of failure and operational activities for managing the data center and the IT services we provide.
We create a detailed infrastructure architecture and configuration instructions for the building blocks and a communication matrix for the services that make up the infrastructure solution (service names, target/source, protocol/interfaces). We prepare the operating rulebook and set up and configure the IT security infrastructure elements.


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