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Security operations center - SOC

Our experts and advanced technologies help you establish an effective process for detecting and managing security incidents and increase cyber resilience using standardised methodologies.

SOC services

The most effective measure for limiting and preventing cyber-attacks in the future is to create an environment where the key objective is to monitor, identify and respond in time to all types of security incidents. The setup of a security operations centre ensures the effective detection, response, prediction and prevention of today’s security threats.

Services include detecting and reviewing cybersecurity incidents, discovering IT system vulnerabilities, penetration testing, establishing honeypots, reviewing source code, authenticating and analysing malicious code, defining security assumptions for IT systems, checking for stolen content on Darknet, reporting on incidents to stakeholders, raising awareness and training, threat modelling, etc.

Why set up a SOC with us?

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We have experience in implementing and managing SOC operations. Our team analyses more than 600 incidents per year, reviewing more than 1,000 security events and managing the security of more than 60,000 users.

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Regardless of the security solutions already deployed, we can build on them and create an optimal environment for monitoring security events.

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When deploying and working on a SOC, we use renowned methodologies, such as SANS, CoBit and NOKI.

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Breadth of service expertise

We provide assessments and reviews, implementation of individual components and operational management of you SOC.

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Business continuity

Rapid support, consulting and management of activities for reestablishing operations after a cybersecurity incident provide you with cyber resilience and business continuity.

Discover services of our Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Our Security Operations Centre team is made up of more than 15 incident hunters who have relevant education, constantly train and expand their skillsets, and work exclusively on activities related to system management, security event/incident monitoring and response and analytics.



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Director of Cyber Resilience

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Head of Security and Networks Sales

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