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Local, Wireless and Wide-area Networks

Local, wireless and wide area networks allow users to connect securely to your corporate network anywhere, anytime and using any device. This approach fits the needs of modern professionals and ensures your network reliability.

Local, wireless and wide-area networks

The way we work has changed dramatically. Smart endpoints need a smarter LAN. In recent years, the quantity and the number of types of devices connecting to LANs has grown exponentially. In addition to personal devices (e.g. PCs, mobile devices), modern LANs must also support IoT devices connected to the network (manufacturing machines, cameras, sensors, lifts, etc.).

We are experiencing a remarkable surge in the number of network-connected devices, leading to a significant rise in management complexity. Simultaneously, the dynamics of the business landscape have evolved to demand responsiveness and flexibility from users.

Benefits of local, wireless and wide area networks

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Local networks

Local networks provide connectivity for personal computers, company networks and internet. Physical connections remain the most reliable and widely recommended connection type for desktop PCs and office devices (laptops, printers, IP phones, conferencing systems).


Wireless networks

Wireless networks have become a standard and users demand it from businesses, as they provide connectivity not only to PCs but also to wireless devices.

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Wide Area Networks

Is your company spread across multiple locations in Slovenia or globally? With the rise of centralization and virtualization, most server capacities that provide IT services have been moved to the company’s central location. To facilitate a secure, fast, and reliable connection between remote locations and a central location – be it at the customer’s site or in the cloud – an appropriate wide area network (WAN) solution is necessary.


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