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Network Access Control

Network access control is applied per user, device and type of access based on which the user’s level of access is determined. This means that at each access point (wired, wireless and remote access) to the network, each user or device must first be authenticated, and then, based on the identity of the user and/or device, granted the appropriate permissions to access resources on the local network.

Features of network access control

Network access control functionalities enable full insight, control and retrieval of information about all end devices and users connecting or connected to your IT system. This includes information such as user identity, device or user location, operating system type, workstation registry, etc.

At the same time, network access control solutions support guest access, prevent malicious activity and enforce security policies for endpoint devices.

Why implement network access control?

Network security

Protect your network from unauthorized access.

Secure network access

Provide users with secure access from anywhere, anytime.

Improved user experience

Enable users to connect to company resources when they need them, using any device.

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Data center security

Protect your intellectual property.


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