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Software-Defined Networks (SDN)

Modern solutions are built on the concept of Software-Defined Networks, which are essential for any company looking to compete in the global marketplace.

Networking in virtual environments

Software-Defined Networks enables intelligent and centralized control of the network using software applications. This approach to network architecture makes it possible to manage the entire network consistently and comprehensively, regardless of the underlying network technology.

Server virtualization has become a reality for almost any company looking to stay competitive in the global market as virtualization enables much better management, flexibility and reliability. In the past, communication traffic was routed through external dedicated switches and separate management systems. This required companies to manage servers and networks separately, resulting in a slow and laborious process. At the same time, this approach gave rise to security concerns as all servers were a part of server clusters, which means that an attack on a single server put the entire system at risk.

Software-defined networking opens up an entirely new dimension of IT infrastructure management, as it helps optimize network resources and quickly adapt the network to changing business needs, applications and traffic. With SDN, network orchestration, management, analytics and automation functions are handed over to SDN controllers

Key features of Software-defined networks


Micro-segmentation is used to configure the network effectively and flexibly to individual business applications, while ensuring granular security of the virtual environment for each virtual server individually.

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Improved security

SDN allows you to individually specify each virtual server’s network connection. This delivers advanced security by isolating each server and making sure that an attack on a single server does not affect the others.

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Rapid change management

If you provision new services (servers or applications) frequently, SDN allows automated network definition as you deploy a server which does not require additional switch configuration and saves you a lot of time.

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Increased reliability

Combine SDN with your server virtualization platform to ensure seamless failover in the event of a physical server failure.


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